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A look at the oft-unreal shipping speed of the internet?s largest retailer.

You go online to find a sweet new case for your phone.? Then you remember you needed a new water bottle too.? Shoot, might as well get some socks while you?re at it.? Inevitably, you end up at Amazon, where you can conveniently find all of these things (and of course, you end up getting a few more things because of that pesky suggestion box).? We all know how amazing Amazon?s selection is.? But what?s really mind-blowing, is how quickly they get your stuff to you.? Did you ever wonder how they were able to do it?? Well, look no further.

Establish World Dominance

This might sound a bit sinister, and there are some conspiracy theorists out there who believe this is Amazon and Google?s ultimate goal, but bear with us.? The true key to the lightning fast shipping speeds that Amazon achieves is through its worldwide distribution of fulfillment centers.?

These warehouses, which often are measured in the millions of square feet, are located in just about every major city in the civilized world.? Why does this matter?? Well, when a seller qualifies for Prime, that means that their products are not centrally located.? Instead they are spread throughout the world, with a portion of their stock in each warehouse.? So if I?m a seller in Michigan, and you live in, let?s say, Jupiter, Florida, you aren?t receiving my products straight from Michigan.? You?re actually getting them from the Amazon fulfillment center in Miami.

Instantly, your shipping drops from a couple of weeks to a couple of days, or less.? This incredible system has made shipping a real concern for smaller companies that can?t compete with Amazon?s fast, and often free, shipping.? However, for the average consumer, this innovative system has made shopping a much less painful experience.?

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The Symphony of the Amazon Fulfillment Center

While most of the work that goes toward making Amazon shipments so quick is done simply by location, there is another very important aspect to two-day shipping that we can?t forget.? And that is the sophisticated system within those worldwide fulfillment centers.?

If you?ve never seen a fulfillment center at work, do yourself a favor and check out this video.? It shows a day of typical operation in a warehouse.? The presence of robots is overwhelming.? In fact, the entire process of picking is done through Amazon?s computer system, which tells the robots where to go and what stack to pick.? They bring the appropriate stacks to actual employees, who then take what they need from them.? It makes for a speedy shuffle through the fulfillment center, and less time between the order placement and when the product gets on the truck consider – next day t shirt printing.

Order Now, Set the Timer

So there you have it.? The mystery of how Amazon ships so fast is revealed.? Whether the automation and worldwide spread of shipping centers scares you or not, you have to admit that it?s pretty impressive.? Imagine what Amazon Fulfillment Centers will look like 10 years from now, and how many of them there will be.? One thing is for sure: the shipping will always be fast by

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