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Welcome To MyTShirtKings ! We are the leaders in cutting edge direct to garment and screen printing. Feel free to contact us today for your custom order, it’s our goal to provide our clients with an quality product services.

Innovative Screen Printing & DTG Printing Online​

Free Mock-Up Like Below

When you order 30 or more custom t-shirts, MyTShirtKings will automatically provide a free graphic design proof of your order.

World Class Custom T-Shirt Printing

MyTShirtKings is driven to provide our clients with a seamless ordering process. DTG is one of the most common types of digital, apparel printing methods for making personalized custom t-shirts. However, the process of DTG is priced much differently than traditional Tampa custom shirt printing services. When correctly pricing direct to garment, there are a few things to consider, such as knowing the exact measurements of the design.

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More Colors Increase the Price

If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design.

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Highly Rigorous Post Production

The process of screen printing requires a highly rigorous post production process before shirts are even created.

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Burn The Image

If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design.

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Different Screen

If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design.

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DTG Rush Orders

All rush order request must be submitted before noon est Monday-Sunday. If for some reason your job is presented outside of this time frame, please call, as we may already have booked another request. Please allow 24 hours for our custom service dept will contact regarding your order specifications. For more information on having your images on your garments consider dtg printing.

High Quality

The pricing of screen printing is based merely on the number of colors used in (CMYK) to produce the design. Screen printing requires experienced effort, as every color requires separate screens. The more the number of colors in your design, the more screens (stencils) and more time needed to produce the garments. Screen printing adds life to the t-shirts and is thus preferable option when it comes to print and is a bit less expensive than direct to garment. 

Screen printing is a technique that involves excellent attention to detail to produce the highest quality apparel. This process requires rigorous performance quality control to ensure that colors match up correctly for the fabric of your garment. Here at MyTShirtkings, we have combined 20 years of experience in designing and crafting amazing works of art on each production cycle.

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We are a little different than your standard service offering t-shirts. MyTShirtKings systems are entirely custom built. You can order online and get delivery to your doorstep by special request, not to mention cool text alerts once your package is delivered.
We enjoy working with start-ups that are looking to build nonentity by offering brands cheaper rates. So In essence, when your start-up grows, we will support you in your development process. Our focus is to help small businesses prosper. 

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Contact Us Now

If you’re looking for no minimum orders in a rush, call 813-330-0375, If you?re at a networking event, meeting or just in your everyday activity, your garments will be one of the first things your customer sees. Make an impact by having your logo, slogan or services on your Tee’s.

It’s in the MyTShirtKings company culture to support our fellow small businesses. Aide from a company of hipsters and techies. It’s a mission to see brands thrive, we have made it our mission to support local communities in various organizations. Learn more about our screen printing Atlanta services.


MTK is highly driven to offer quality and creative design services. Please keep in mind that we charge an art fee to make a design mock-up. However for customers that are ordering 30+ tee?s your artwork is free.


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